Why Formation Studio Co?

If you know Pilates, you’ll know Pilates studios. They emanate a familiar aura: luminous spaces adorned with floral touches and sessions marked by gentle, controlled rhythms. 

This serene approach has its place, but we felt an underlying yearning – a desire for an added layer of intensity, a satisfying burn that comes from a more intense workout, something you walk away from excited and proud.

And then we found out we weren’t the only ones feeling this way.

From here, Foundation Studio Co. was born.

So, what makes Formation different?

Diverse Reformer Sessions

Our offerings aren’t limited to the traditional. While we cherish the importance of form and control, showcased in our classic reformer room, we also introduce “Fierce” sessions. Here, weights intermingle with the reformer flow, bringing an elevated level of challenge and burn to the experience.

Heated Mat Pilates

Complementing our reformer offerings, our Heated Mat room introduces a dynamic, brisk-paced style of Mat Pilates. Although the pace is accelerated, the essence remains grounded in core Pilates principles. The emphasis? Intensive but controlled toning that beautifully sculpts the body.

Infrared-Heated Sessions

Our decision to employ infrared panels for heating isn’t arbitrary. Known for emitting a natural warmth with great healing properties, these panels provide a heat that your body doesn’t just tolerate but genuinely appreciates. It’s a comforting embrace rather than a stifling grip.

Thoughtfully Crafted Ambiance

Eschewing the overly illuminated aesthetics typical in Perth, we have adopted a subtler, warmer, and slightly dimmed ambience. Our rationale? To foster an environment where you feel genuinely at ease. 

The muted lighting cultivates a sense of privacy and comfort, mitigating feelings of being overly exposed or ‘judged’.

Formation isn’t just another Pilates studio. It’s a response to the evolving desires of fitness enthusiasts, a blend of tradition and innovation, and, most importantly, a sanctuary where you feel welcomed and empowered.

Ready for a taste?

Interested in trying out our studio? Click below to sign up our our Unlimited Reformer, Hot Mat Pilates & Hot Yoga 2-week trial.

Mat Pilates + Yoga
Mat Pilates, Yoga + Reformer

Hot Room $39

Per Week

Unlimited Mat Pilates & Yoga classes.

Reformer Pilates $69

Per Week

Unlimited Reformer classes.


Per Week

Unlimited all classes, all formats.